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Dear South Bay AMWA members and prospective members,

July 19, 2020

Dear SouthBay AMWA Members,

Here are some news:

1. Remsvidir benefits ICU pts with COVID 19 and can decrease hospitalization times by 5 days or so. Gilead (maker of Remsvidir) is now testing an inhaled form of the drug but no trial data yet.

2. Henry Ford Hosp System did publish a retrospective consecutive observational study of 251 pts on July 1, 2020 showing that Hydroxychloroquine decreased mortality by 62% if given early in hospitalization. However, most academicians do not trust retrospective studies since there is recent double blind placebo control trial published in NEJM that shows no therapeutic benefit and an incresse in adverse events in those taking the drug. The FDA has withdrawn approval of it.

3. Regeneron is developing a monoclonal antibody as a treatment and prophylaxis for COVID 19 sponsored by the government. It has started the Phase III clinical trial. watch for this!

4. The US government's "Operation Warp Speed" funding began in may, which funded Novavax (Baculovirus-produced), Moderna (RNA vaccine), Johnson and Johnson uses Jansen's ADvac virus platform, Astra Zeneca/Oxford viral vector vaccines. Pfizer is also developing an RNA vaccine as well.

During this pandemic, thank you for your commitment, care and compassion to all of our patients: working men and women, the mothers, the elderly, and the children.

Thank you for your friendship at South Bay American Medical Women's Association.

Thank you for your membership.

(Please send in your dues…)

Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Gloria Wu, MD and Anlin Xu, MD


South Bay AMWA is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to expanding the reach of women in our medical community. Our monthly meetings offer a great opportunity for networking as well as education. Membership dues are $175 for 1 calendar year.

Please feel free to contact us at with any questions you may have.

All the best,

Anlin Xu, MD

Gloria Wu, MD

Co-Presidents of South Bay AMWA


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